Shiginima is one of the best Minecraft launchers for simplicity and practicality. Below you will learn how to download Shiginima Launcher version 4400 for Minecraft on PC, MAC, or Linux.

Currently, version 4.400 is the most recent and updated version of Shiginima Launcher.

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Download Shiginima 4.400

To download Shiginima Launcher you must follow the steps below:

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Open the executable file
  4. Enjoy Shiginima Launcher!

≫ Shiginima Launcher 4400 Download ≪

Since the official website is no longer operational, we are unable to provide official download links.


Shiginima V4.400 requires JAVA 8 or higher to run.
You can download java at

Install Shiginima v4400 on PC

1. Download the file for PC

2. Unzip the ZIP file

Screenshot of the download folder

3. Choose the location of the file. Click “Browse…” to find a folder by browsing your computer. Then click on “Extract”.

menu to unzip a ZIP and choose the location

4. Open the new folder

Unzipped launcher folder windows 11

5. Run the file “launcher-shiginima-v4400.exe”.


You will need to run this file every time you want to play Minecraft. Therefore, we recommend placing it in a more accessible place such as the desktop.

6. Enjoy Shiginima Launcher v4.400. You can now play Minecraft!

Screenshot of Shiginima Launcher. Username is

Install Shiginima v4400 on Mac

To download Shiginima on your Mac X OS, you must follow the steps below, which are very similar to those on PC.

  1. Download for Mac (if it doesn’t work you can use the same download link as for Linux)
  2. Unzip the “.zip” file you downloaded
  3. Drag the “.jar” file to desktop
  4. Run the file with Java 8 or higher

Install Shiginima v4400 on Linux

Downloading Shiginima Launcher for Linux or Ubuntu is very simple, and follows a very similar process to the one needed to install Shiginima on PC. Remember that you must have Java 8 installed on your computer for the launcher to run.

  1. Download for Linux or Ubuntu
  2. Drag the downloaded file “shiginima-launcher-se-v4400.jar” to the desktop
  3. Right click on the file > Properties > Activate “Allow to run as a program”.
  4. Open the file with Java 8 and enjoy Minecraft on Linux”.

Shiginima Launcher 2023

Currently, the developers of Shiginima Launcher have paused the development of their application. This means that its version v4.400 is the latest version of Shiginima, and is expected to be the last version of the launcher for a long time.