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LauncherFenix is one of the best free Minecraft launchers. All download links are official.

Learn how to download and install LauncherFenix on PC, Mac and Linux with this step-by-step tutorial. Lucky for you, this is the easiest launcher to install!

Install LauncherFenix v7 on PC

1. Download the file for PC

2. Move the file to the desktop

3. Run the file “LauncherFenix-Minecraft-v7.exe”.


You will need to run this file every time you want to play Minecraft. Therefore, we recommend placing it in a more accessible place such as the desktop.

6. Enjoy Fenix Launcher v7. You can now play Minecraft!

Screenshot of Shiginima Launcher. Username is

Install LauncherFenix v7 on Mac

To download Launcher Fenix on your Mac X OS, you must follow the steps below, very similar to those on PC.

  1. Download for Mac
  2. Unzip the “.zip” file you downloaded
  3. Drag the “.jar” file to desktop
  4. Run the file with Java 8 or higher. Some versions of Minecraft may require Java 16 to run.

Install Launcher Fenix v7 on Linux

Downloading LauncherFenix for Linux or Ubuntu is very simple, and it follows a very similar process to the required to install Shiginima on PC or Mac. Remember that you must have Java 8 installed on your computer for the launcher to run, and that some versions of the game will require Java 16 to run correctly.

  1. Download for Linux or Ubuntu
  2. Drag the downloaded file “LauncherFenix-Minecraft-v7.jar” to the desktop
  3. Right click on the file > Properties > Activate “Allow to run as a program”.
  4. Open the file with Java 8 and enjoy Minecraft on Linux”.

LauncherFenix 2023

Fenix Launcher is a launcher in constant development. Currently, the most recent version of this launcher in 2023 is v7, which was released in 2021. Even so, it is worth noting that LauncherFenix is a self-updating launcher, which means that even if the end user does not have to change the launcher version, it is automatically updated in periodic updates. Therefore, although YoFenix is not developing new versions of the prelauncher, it is still actively updating the launcher, which is in constant development.