LauncherFenix is a free launcher for Minecraft that allows users to play in Premium and Non-Premium modes, as well as install mods and change skins and textures.

LauncherFenix is widely known as one of the best free launchers for Minecraft. In this article, we will give you all the necessary information about this amazing launcher.

Download Launcher Fenix 2023

Luckily for you, LauncherFenix is one of the easiest launchers to install. Next we will see how to install Launcher Fenix.

  1. Download the file
  2. Move the “.exe” to the desktop of your computer.
  3. Open the executable file
  4. Enjoy Minecraft from LauncherFenix!

≫ LauncherFenix Download ≪

If you want to know how to download Launcher Fenix step by step, we recommend you to consult our installation guide.


The latest versions of LauncherFenix require JAVA 8 to run.
You can download java at

LauncherFenix Features

LanucherFenix has positioned itself as one of the best launchers for Minecraft due to its multiple functions.

  • Easy to install
  • It is an updatable launcher, so you will not need to update it manually to access future versions of Minecraft.
  • It has a very visual and easy to use mods installer menu.
  • It has a very powerful user manager that accepts Premium and Non-Premium users; and also allows logging in with LauncherFenix account.
  • Allows changing skins and adding layers
  • Highly customizable
  • It is available in several languages, although its original language is Spanish.
  • It is totally free

As you have seen, LauncherFenix is very different from other free launchers. It also makes it easy to install mods and change textures, which adds value to the game.

Change Minecraft version in LauncherFenix

You probably know that Minecraft has many versions. This is because it is a game still in development that releases updates at least once a year to bring new features that give life to the game. By default, LauncherFenix will select the latest available version of Minecraft; but you may not always want to play on the latest version.

For this reason, in the Phoenix Launcher you can easily change the Minecraft version.

  1. Open LauncherFenix
  2. Click on “New Profile” or “Edit Profile”.
screenshot of launcher menu

3. Name the profile and choose the version from the drop-down menu. Change the “Use the latest available version” option to the version you want to use.

Menu of fenix 7 launcher to create a new game profile and change version

4. Click on “Save Profile”.

5. If you have created a new profile, select the new profile from the drop-down menu.

Menu of fenix launcher to select the version profile

6. You have already changed the version! Click on “Connect” and the new version will be downloaded automatically.

Fenix 2023 Launcher versions

Although it is best to always use the latest version of the launcher to avoid vulnerabilities, there are several reasons why you might want to use a different version.

From the official website, access is only provided to two versions:

LauncherFenix v7

LauncherFenix v6

You should keep in mind that LauncherFenix is a self-updating Launcher, so you will always be using the newest version that your pre-launcher supports. This means that if you are using FenixLauncher V6, you will actually be using the latest version of the launcher available online.

As we have said, officially there is only access to these two versions of the launcher, as they are the only ones that offer support for the latest versions of the game. However, there are other versions that you may find on the internet, but it is not recommended because of bugs and launcher failures, as well as possible vulnerabilities and security flaws and, in addition, they have not been tested with the latest versions of Minecraft.

Launcher Fenix v7

LauncherFenix v5

Launcher Fenix 4.1

LauncherFenix 5.2

Launcher Fenix v6

LauncherFenix v4

Launcher Fenix 4.0

LauncherFenix 5.3+

The only versions of Launcher Fenix in 2023 are the ones we have named above, although you might be interested to know that the V6 version was released on August 2018, while the V7 version was released in May 2021; so it is likely that very soon YoFenix (the developer) will re-release a new version of the launcher.

What is the purpose of having a LauncherFenix account?

Having a LauncherFenix account will allow you to use the customization options for skins and character overlays. Please note that only users who also use LauncherFenix or its technology will see you with the skin you have selected. In this way, having an account also allows you to see other users with the skin you have chosen.

Troubleshoot common errors in Launcher Fenix

You may experience various launcher-related errors from time to time. If this is your case, below we are going to see how to fix some of the most common errors related to LauncherFenix.

Exit code 1 Launcher Fenix

“Launcher fenix exit code -1” is the most typical error related to this launcher. To solve this error you should try the following solutions:

General solution

There are some versions of Minecraft that are not compatible with Java 8 or other older versions. That is why the first recommended solution is to install the latest version of Java 16 and test if the problem is solved.

Alternative solution

Please note that this solution will delete all your Minecraft related files. Therefore, be sure to make a backup copy of the “worlds” folder somewhere on your computer so that you don’t lose your singleplayer worlds.

  1. Open the file explorer
  2. Find the following path: C:\Usersuario\AppData\Roaming and delete the .minecraft folder.
  3. You can also access that path by pressing Ctrl+R and typing %appdata% , and deleting the .minecraft folder.

LauncherFenix does not open

Trying to run LauncherFenix and it won’t open? There may be several reasons that are causing this problem.


First of all, check that you have Java installed on your computer. Remember that Java 8 or higher is required. You can download java at

If you are sure that this is not your problem, check that your antivirus is not blocking any launcher-related processes.

In case this does not solve your problem either, try reinstalling the launcher by downloading and reinstalling the latest version available. It may be that a file in the launcher has been corrupted.

Other common errors

If you are experiencing another type of error, we recommend that you copy the error code into the Google search engine. It is very likely that other players have already experienced the same problem as you and have posted their problem and the solution in a forum.

About LauncherFenix

History and evolution of the launcher

LauncherFenix is a free launcher for Minecraft that has evolved and improved over time. It was created with the purpose of offering players a tool that would allow them to access the game in a safe and free way. Since then, it has undergone constant improvements and upgrades in its performance and functionality.

Why is it known as the best free launcher for Minecraft?

LauncherFenix is known as the best free launcher for Minecraft thanks to the great amount of options and possibilities it offers. It allows a wide and easy access to the game, and its star functionality is the mod management interface as well as the ease of customization with skins and overlays. Beyond that, it also cares about the computer security of its users, so all downloaded files are safe and virus-free. Finally, it should be noted that this launcher works for both Premium and Non-Premium users, so it manages to reach all the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is a completely secure launcher and free of all types of malware. In fact, LauncherFenix’s initial mission was to provide the Minecraft community with a totally free and safe launcher, since in the past it was very difficult to find a Minecraft launcher without viruses.

You can install the launcher on any computer without any requirements or technical specifications as long as you have Java 8 installed.

Even so, it is true that you will need some minimum specifications to be able to run the game smoothly. Check here the Minecraft minimum requirements .

Yes. Fenix Launcher offers the possibility to add mods, resource packs and skins in a very visual and intuitive way.

LauncherFenix requires Java 8 or higher to work properly.

Yes. You will need a LauncherFenix account to use its skin and layer changing feature. However, you can play Minecraft without a LauncherFenix account if you don’t care about customization options.